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Two former Apple employees developing easy to use iPhone applications for the rest of us.  Three classes of applications:

Business and Finance Apps:
•  EZ Adder   -- FREE
full calculator (+ - X / ) and % with Ads.
•  EZ Adder II  -- Full calculator (+ - X / ) and %.  No Ads, 6 calculators, item descriptions
•  EZ Balance1  -- FREE app for tracking 3 account balances (no transaction descriptions or dates)
•  EZ Balance2  -- App for tracking 6 account balances with transaction descriptions and dates
•  EZ Balance3  -- App for tracking 6 lists of items with a running balance
•  EZ2Compare2  -- FREE calculator for comparing the price of two items (including with coupons)

GPS Fitness Apps:
•  My.Walk.Run -- Easy to use GPS-based walking, jogging or running app
•  My Bike Rides -- Easy to use GPS-based cycling app
•  My Ski Runs -- Easy to use GPS-based skiing or snowboarding app

Custom Apps:
•  Nikki Green  -- A custom app for Nikki Green DDS patients
•  RingMindMe -- A custom app for Peggywrites LLC
•  MyRadarGun -- A custom app for a baseball lover